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"Guidant was really the number one step for us to fund this company — and if I hadn't found Guidant, I don't know that we, The Horse's Axe, would exist."

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“I owe a sense of gratitude to Guidant for helping me get here. It was a turning point for us moving forward.”

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“I created Le Village for everyday working families. I knew that I needed a funding partner that would be a reflection of the community we are trying to serve — and that is really where Guidant shines.”

What is ROBS 401k Business Financing?

In a nutshell, it's a way to use your retirement savings to fund a business, tax and penalty free.

ROBS stands for Rollover for Business Startups.

The method is sometimes also called "401k business financing" because it is commonly used with 401k retirement accounts.

Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS) is a business financing solution that uses retirement savings to fund a new or existing business without withdrawal or tax penalties.

“Rollover” refers to the process of moving retirement funds from one 401(k) account to the new company’s 401(k) account, and then from the company’s 401(k) account to the company’s checking account.

A ROBS isn’t a business loan nor a loan from your 401(k), which means there are no interest payments to make or debt to repay.

It’s a way for you to leverage retirement funds to provide capital to your business.

A ROBS can also be used to purchase or invest in an existing business or franchise. A C corporation (C-corp), which allows for shareholders, is established, and a new 401(k) plan is set up.

It shouldn't be so hard to get small business or franchise financing.

Local banks decline 80% of aspiring small business owners for loans. Few people have enough money on hand to start or buy a business or franchise outright. Why struggle with these barriers when you have the money to invest in yourself?

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Easy Qualification

You don’t need collateral or a perfect credit score to receive financing.

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Don’t let interest payments control your business decisions. Get funded without going into debt.

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Find a quicker path to success and profitability by starting out with an infusion of cash.

401(k) Financing: A Smart, Debt-Free Way to Start or Buy a Business


In this short video you’ll learn about the 3 easy steps to set up 401(k) business financing with the help of Guidant Financial, the trusted team that has helped over 30,000 first-time business owners secure over $4.5 billion in financing.

The Benefits of 401(k) Business Financing

Why should you use Rollovers for Business Startups to finance your small business or franchise? ROBS offers benefits not found in other forms of financing.

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Without loan interest to pay, you can make money faster. While 80% of small businesses fail within four to five years, small businesses started with ROBS are twice as likely to remain in business.

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Invest in Yourself

It’s your money — use it. Instead of placing your money in a volatile market, you can make your money work for you. The number one reason people decide to open their own business is to be their own boss — now it’s your turn.

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Without loan interest to pay, you can make money faster. While 80% of small businesses fail within four to five years, small businesses started with ROBS are twice as likely to remain in business.

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Down Payment for Other Financing

Your ROBS funding can also help you pursue other forms of financing, like SBA loans.

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No Collateral

Many other forms of financing, such as bank loans, require you to provide collateral to qualify for funding. With ROBS, you eliminate the risk of using your home as collateral.

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Easy Qualification

Unlike SBA loans, ROBS financing doesn’t require industry experience. And unlike other forms of financing, your credit score doesn’t play any factor in getting your funding.

Get Money for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

1. Pre-Qualify

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See your financing options and how much funding you can access with our two-minute pre-qual.

2. Schedule a Call

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Schedule a call online with a financing expert to discuss the right funding options for you.

3. Get Funded

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Get your money to start or buy a business. ROBS funding can be accessed in as little as three weeks.

Grow With Guidant's Business Services

Guidant Financial is the industry leader in 401(k) business financing. We complete more Rollovers for Business Startups transactions each year than any other company and have the lowest audit rate in the industry.

For $4,995, here’s what you can expect from Guidant:

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Professional Support

Our team is here to support you through the ROBS process and beyond. Along with a dedicated Account Manager, you’ll get a thorough compliance review from our in-house attorneys.

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Audit Protection

We stand behind our clients 100%. In the unlikely event of an IRS audit we’ll cover all legal costs, which saves you money and allows you to get back to what’s important — running your business.

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Funding Assurance

We promise a rapid close with a money-back guarantee; we do what it takes to close deals quickly.

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Outside Counsel

We’re the only firm that offers an outside, independent attorney (at our expense) to review your transaction and ensure you receive unbiased advice that prioritizes your needs.

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Guidant Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our set up services, just let us know. Our team is dedicated to providing only the best experience for our clients.

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In-House Plan Management

Our in-house team of experts will help establish your account. They’ll also help keep your files IRS-compliant and provide you with an annual business valuation.

Most Retirement Plans Qualify

You don’t have to be a financial expert to use 401(k) business financing. All you need is at least $50,000 in a rollable retirement or pension account. Learn more about retirement or pension plans that qualify.

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This plan is usually sponsored by an employer. It is the most common plan used with ROBS.

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Traditional IRA

This plan lets you invest pretax income that grows tax-deferred. Roth IRAs, in contrast, are not eligible for ROBS.

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This plan is available to individuals like employees of nonprofit organizations, public schools, and some hospitals.

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This plan is a tax-deferred pension plan available to self-employed individuals or unincorporated businesses.

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A defined contribution plan for U.S. civil service employees, retirees, and some members of the military.

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A straightforward retirement plan that any employer or self-employed individual can establish.


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